Hi there,

how are you doing? I'm Anne, a digital designer with focus on UX and strategic communication based in Copenhagen. In these fast moving times, my overall approach to design is user-centred, empathic, and hopefully aesthetically pleasing. I categorise myself as an empathic designer, which basically means that I am first and foremost devoted to understand and solve problems that users encounter.


During my studies, I have specialised in the field of UX and did a six months internship at the usability bureau Usertribe. I have even taught UX as a teaching assistant at The IT University of Copenhagen. As a result I have a far-reaching repetoire of UX methods that can be used in different phases of the design process.

My approach to design and communication is user empathetic. First you must understand the user’s needs and situation, then give them something that exceeds even their own imagination.
Experienced with:

  • User research, flows, and testing
  • Concept development
  • Workshops, interviews, and surveys
  • Wireframes, mockups, and prototyping
  • Google Analytics, A/B test, and eye tracking
  • Usability and IA
I have previously worked with strategic communication, marketing, and branding of products and companies/institutions through online and offline devices.

Among other things, I have worked for The Danish Embassy in Tokyo. As part of Team Media and Branding Denmark, I supported the embassy’s export activities. Through strategic communication our role was to market Danish companies and products (for example design and fashion).

I have a large repertoire of best practices to refer to as I have taught strategic communication (Digital Rhetoric) at The IT University of Copenhagen.
Experienced with:

  • Public relations and public diplomacy
  • Campaign development
  • Market research
  • Visual identity
  • Online marketing
  • Online credibility


Through my previous work experience and studies, I have worked with numerous CMS.

Wordpress is usually my go to CMS, where I am familiar with how to implement themes, plugins, and widgets. I am not shy to dig into the code and make my own adjustments.

I also have experience with Sitecore as a primary CMS. My work at Skoletjenesten and The Danish Embassy in Tokyo included daily information updates in Sitecore and adjusting content and layout with html and css.
Experience with:

  • Wordpress
  • Sitecore
  • Web development
  • Code adjustments
  • Information management
As this page testify to, I know my way around web design and coding. I <3 coding. It combines two of my favourite things: structure and aesthetics.

It all started around the age of 13. Since then I have used and refined my coding skills both study and work related. It always comes in handy.
Experience with:

  • Responsive and mobile design
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • HTML emails
I use a wide variety of skills within content creation to engage and target users.

Visually, I have previously worked professionally with graphic design and video productions. Photography and digital imaging also has a special place on my hobby list.

As a book nerd at heart, I work creatively with words as well. I prefer to stick to shorter online formats such as blog posts and articles.

Video: Promotion video for Denmarkdesign.jp
Photography: Photostream on Flickr
Expert user of:

  • Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator
  • Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • MS Office
Social media is the skill that I have been endorsed by the most people on LinkedIn. This is no coincidence as I have previously worked with planning and execution of social media both on a day-to-day basis and in relation to campaigns.

I see social media not only as a powerful branding tool, but also as way to learn more about your target audience. Social media sets the scene for dialogue based communication – a necessity to provide the best service possible.

Of course it also goes without saying that I am an advert user of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat myself. I know the ins and outs.
Experience with:

  • Omni-channel marketing
  • Dialogue based communication
  • Social media strategy
  • Facebook campaigns, contests, and statistics
  • Hashtag campaigns
Born and raised in Denmark, I speak and write Danish flawlessly. Next to Danish, I speak and write English fluently, which together with French, was my A-level in High School. Since then I have extended my English vocabulary through a study abroad in Australia and used it in a professional setting through my international work experience.

Due to my interest in Japanese culture, I took it upon myself to take a course in Japanese while doing my bachelors. Living in Tokyo for seven months surely helped to improve my conversational skills.
I speak and write:

  • Danish (Native)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Japanese (Basic conversation)
  • French (Basic conversation)
There is always room for improvement and learning is lifelong. So what am I up to right now? To further develop my CMS skills, I and getting a bit deeper into Wordpress and php by taking two courses at App Academy.

Next to this, I am getting the hang of the mechanics behind SEO and a better understanding of the theory.

Lastly, I want to advance my Javascript skills by getting more familiar with the framework AngularJS.
Learning and getting better at:

  • php
  • Wordpress Architecture
  • On-page and off-page SEO
  • Google Adwords
  • AngularJS

Work experience

  • Skoletjenesten | Team Communication & Web
  • The IT University of Copenhagen | Teaching Assistant
  • The Danish Embassy in Tokyo | Team Media & Branding (Internship)
  • Save the Children | Internal Communication (Volunteer)
  • Usertribe | Usability Consultant (Internship)
  • Shop Assistant (5 years +)


  • MSc in IT, Digital Design and Communication | The IT University of Copenhagen
  • Study Abroad | Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
  • BA in Film and Media Studies | Copenhagen University

Please refer to LinkedIn for details


I am explorer. Whether that means travelling to new countries, learning or trying something new. For example I have lived and travelled all across Japan for seven months and I can keep up a decent conversation in Japanese.


I am planner. Though, I am not afraid to go into uncharted territory I always have a plan… and a plan b!


Previous employers have described me as having a ‘can do’ attitude (cf. Letter of Recommendation), which has resulted in high achievements both work and study wise. Of course, none of which was achieved alone. #teamwork


I easily get interested in new things and go in wholeheartedly. Whether it is coding all night or watching Tour de France intensely for a summer.


In personality tests I seem to be consistently described as: supportive, reliable, and comfortable. In other words, I would make a killer pair of shoes. Sign me up for any volunteer work.